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Anna Maria Vidal i Cardona. Firm establisher.

Anna Maria Vidal

Ph. D. in Law. Universitat de Barcelona. 2007

Bachelor in Law. Universitat de Barcelona. 1993

She has been a member of the Mataró Barr Association since 1993 and now she is in charge of international and immigration affairs of this Barr.

Family accredited Mediator since 2002

She is the legal advisor of the NGO Càritas Interparroquial de Mataró since 1993 and She was the director from 1998 to 2002.

Legal Advisor of the association Organització dels Immigrants de Mali since 2002.

She has been a professor at the Escola Universitària del Maresme (Tecnocampus-Mataró) since 1998-1999.

She has been a teacher in the School of Law of Mataro Bar Association since 2009, teaching Private International law and Immigration Law.

In her professional Life, she is a lawyer and also teaches at several  Bar Associations, some civil associations and some public administration especially on international family law and the application of family Morocco Law in Spain.

Her doctoral thesis submitted in 2007 developed in the Law and Economics Department of the Universitat de Barcelona named: Family litigations with some foreign elements: the case of maghrebians

She has been guest lecturer at several universities in Europe such as the Savonia University of Applied Sciences (Kuopio, Finland), University College of Ghent (Ghent, Belgium) and the Skoda Auto University (Mladá Boleslav, Czech Republic) teaching classes on international recruitment and Protection of consumers in the EU, with special reference to e-commerce.

She also does legal research and she has published some articles in some media and also in some law reviews and she also has been in different national and international congresses and conferences in the field of private international law, immigration and mediation.

Languages: Catalan, Spanish, English and French

David Querol Sánchez. Freelance associate Lawyer.

Bachelor in Law. Universitat de Barcelona. 2011

Several graduate certificate about Tax and Labour Management (2011), Consular and Diplomatic Law (2013) and Introduction to International Taxation (2013).

He has been a member of the Mataró Bar Association and Barcelona Bar Association since 2012.

Legal advisor of Honduras Consulate in Barcelona.

Vice consul and Head of Consular Services of the Consulate of the Republic of Guinea in Barcelona from 1998 to 2006.

Co-author of several publications on immigration and foreign people.

Areas of activity:
He is in charge of consular relations.
Immigration law, civil law and labour law.

Languages: Catalan, Spanish, French and English.

Elena García.  Legal assistant.

Degree in Labour Relations from the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona. 2011

MEC scholarship in London.

European Computer Driving License Course.

He has worked in the field of recruitment, hiring and administrative services.

She is the legal area assistant and she is focused on labour law and immigration affairs of the firm.

Languages: Catalan, Spanish and English.

Carmen Tallada.  Assistant.

Commercial Training Secretariat, protocol and conflict resolution techniques.

Title notary officer and wide experience in notary issues for over 10 years.

Large work experience in Spain and the United States in administrative subjects, telephone manager, customer service, billing and accounting, teaching in English and educational consulting.

She is in charge of the first client’s attention, receiving documentation, planning the appointment’s agenda and all those other organizational needs of the firm.

Languages: Catalan, Spanish, English and French